The Secret to a Smoother Softer Feet

Our feet are a part of the body, where a touch could be used to express intimacy. From a mother’s kiss on her baby’s feet to getting a foot massage from Le Boo…. Bottom-line, heart connection. But it’s funny how our feet are really neglected and what may be intended as a lover’s caress may end up as an unpleasant experience. Foot troubles exist and if you are not going through it, you probably know someone who is. 

There is more to foot-care than feet filing, nails trimming and nail artistry. For most of us, foot neglect is not as a result of ignorance, we don’t just find the time to get caring for our feet and I know because I was guilty of this too.

Foot files and razors to our feet is only a temporary fix for calluses but it doesn’t solve the problem of dry feet or any other feet troubles, yet they can result to problems as little as cuts, nicks, abrasions or worse an infection.

The big question is what if there was an easier, safer way to get all that foot caring and loving? Well, you’re going to love the answer because YES! There is with Cosset Exfoliation Socks. Many have used and found this product to be very much effective and efficient; I included and I’m never going back to foot files; not when I can use this product at home without any assist and more importantly, while watching my favourite Telenovela.

What is Cosset Exfoliation Socks?

It is a one-hour spa solution made from a mixture of plant extracts contained in a cosy plastic socks that penetrates deep into the layers of dead skin cells and causes them to fall off, revealing a softer, smoother, moisturized skin. It is a proven remedy for general foot care, calluses, corn, crack heels, dry feet, foot odour, uneven skin tone, etc.

What is Cosset Exfoliation Socks made from?

This product is made from fruit acids and plants that can be found in foods like orange, pawpaw, sour milk, apple, aloe-vera, etc. These ingredients are known for their skin care benefits. They are also called alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), they contain properties for skin rejuvenation, moisturizing and exfoliation, to smooth and firm skin, anti-aging and treat acne.

How Cosset Exfoliation Socks works?

Is it easy or is it easy? Well it is just too easy. A box of Cosset Exfoliation Socks carries a pair of exfoliation socks which you wear on your feet for just one hour allowing your feet to soak in the nutrifying extract contained in the socks. After one hour, you take it off and wash your feet; the product does all the work without causing you any pain whatsoever. Yeah, Wow! I mean, just too easy.

After using the product, it takes several days before you see the effects. At this point most persons get worried with the wait, usually first timers because there is no feeling with using this product. The first time I tried it out, I checked my feet every chance I got, even at the office, just waiting to see any result and there was no peeling for as long as 8 days but most persons see results in as little as 3 days; this is because we all have different skin types but between 3 – 9 days you should see results and there’s so much joy to seeing the reveal of a softer, smoother, moisturized skin. see a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnB5mrxrvfE

I noticed that soaking feet in warm water daily makes the peeling faster. The directions say at least 10 minutes daily and so I soaked my feet longer and the peeling was just amazingly fast. I couldn’t resist using my hands to peel the dead skin off, I am always anxious to complete the process and show off my feet.

The peeling process is a thorough one as its effects are on the entire feet; both the top skin and bottom skin will shed off. Underneath my feet and in between the toes exfoliated in as little as 7 days but I had to be patient for the top feet to peel off and that took another 7 days to completely clear. Most people don’t fancy the wait so here’s a little secret on how i prevent the top of my feet from peeling when I need a quick exfoliation; I use Vaseline to coat the areas of my feet I don’t want to exfoliate before putting on the exfoliation sock and it works perfectly.


How often should I exfoliate my feet?

It is recommended that we exfoliate our feet every 2 – 3 months or at sight of dryness to maintain a baby soft feet. For those of us who have really bad feet and wish to remedy it, it is recommended that you exfoliate with 2 weeks gap after the previous exfoliation process is complete. You can repeat the process until you have the desired result. I had really thick callus feet so I did a 3 pair tour and got the results I needed.

Most people want to solve their crack and dry feet troubles with just one pair but that is very unlikely. Yes, while Cosset Exfoliation Socks can restore our feet, the solution we seek might not be found in a pair, multiple applications might be necessary to effect perfect results.

Who can use Cosset Exfoliation Socks?

Everyone, man and woman can use Cosset Exfoliation Socks. It is a feet product so if you have feet, you can use this product.

Diabetics, pregnant and nursing women are not advised to use Cosset Exfoliation Socks. Absorption of this product is slow during pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Also if you have an open injury on your feet, do not use this product.

Research have shown that;

1.     Foot odour occurs majorly because of bacteria & sweat; a quick wash in the bath might not be sufficient justice. It is nothing to feel bad about if you didn’t know of this before but now that you do, I think it’s time to be intentional about your feet, giving your feet the tender loving care it deserves and also try wearing shoes less when possible in order for your feet to be properly ventilated; it helps to switch shoes at least twice a day.

2.     Calluses & Corn are no joke. As long as you use your feet, it is naturally bound to accumulate calluses. Calluses can cause the feet to lose its balance.

3.     The heels crack as a result of lack of vitamin E in the feet and this often turns very painful. Vitamin E improves skin elasticity and Cosset Exfoliation Socks is fortified with Vitamin E as well as other foot nourishing vitamins. You need to exfoliate your feet regularly to avoid having cracked heels.

4.     Dry skin is a result of dead skin cells. No amount of foot filing can remove the dryness off our feet. You can lotion all you want but it wouldn’t solve the problem; best and only solution is exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells and reveal a moisturized feet.

5.     The feet is known to reflect aging more than any part of the body and this could be because it is the most neglected body part. Cosset Exfoliation Socks is a superior anti-aging product that reduces the appearance of wrinkles drastically, hence the title ‘baby soft feet’.

6.     Uneven skin tone and dark knuckles are often caused by tight shoes, sun burns or chemical cream to the feet. The rejuvenating properties of Cosset Exfoliation Socks will restore your skin complexion completely.

According to Soala Kalaiyo “your feet is just as important and require same love and attention accorded to other parts of your body”.

 If you are tired of those expensive yet painful pedicure routines, I recommend you try Cosset Exfoliation Socks. You can buy this product on cosset by clicking this link https://cossetbrand.com/product/cosset-exfoliation-socks-1-box-1-pairs/


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