Our Products

All our products are made from safe and natural ingredients; they have been tested and proven highly effective.

A unique formula based on natural and foot-centric nutrients that  gives your feet a new baby-soft look and feel; transforms your feet by getting rid of calluses & corns, cracks & dryness, uneven skin tone, foot odour… No pain or side effects.

A new patented formula that delivers a moisturized and nourished skin; best for improving pigmentation, removing acne, acne marks and whitens skin; It is also an anti-aging solution suitable for all skin types.

Cosset Pediplus

The perfect home spa treatment that revitalizes and moisturize your feet with natural & feet nourishing nutrients, penetrating deep into the skin to reduce callus build up, removes aging, improves elasticity & perfectly tones the skin complexion.

Cosset MenstRelief

Get super relief from menstrual cramps. This product is an air activated heat patch worn on the abdomen that delivers heat over a 24-hour period, stopping contractions of the uterus by relaxing the muscles of the uterus, increasing blood flow and easing pain.

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