It is time to own a  business or boast your income with Cosset Start-up Partnership. The quality of cosset products are unmatched; the results and customer’s testimonies are unbelievable putting the demand for cosset products at an all time high.Take advantage of our wholesale options and become a part of our lucrative business opportunity today!



Benefits of CSP

Sale Counsel

Every partner will be assigned a personal account representative that will assist & guard you on how to get better sales leads.

Discounted Sales

Our partners will be privy to discounted purchases of all Cosset products in other to ensure profit maximization for all concern.

Level Up

Performing partners are likely to receive a vaive and automatic promotion to Distro Partnership. This is born out of our desire to make efforts matches growth.

Sale Assistance

Here we try to assist our new partners by providing them with sales leads and marketing materials to aid you in making this business venture successful.

Product Access

Our partners are granted unlimited access to all cosset products available in the market.

Partnership Incentives

Cosset have in place different incentives from as little as ₦200,000 quarterly reward to a brand new car yearly for our best performing partners.

You can start selling Cosset products today by joining our network of start-up partners. We’ve covered the many benefits to you and your customer when you sign up to work with us. Here’s one final added advantage: You’ll enjoy your affiliation with our company.

We stand for all the things your customers appreciate, including innovation, values etc. We respect our partners and we will follow up quickly on any issues you may encounter. Cosset products have been tested and are completely safe. We take a great deal of pleasure in everything that we do because we want you to be able to buy with confidence and sell with pride.

Fill the form below to get started on your registration and our Sales manager will contact you after reviewing your information to let you know to make payment and activate your account as a partner, granting you access to our products at discounted rates. We look forward to working with you, finding out how we can assist you and seeing you flourish as a Cosset Partner.



Account Number: 4823381011

Bank Name: FCMB

Registration Fee: ₦15,000​

Cosset Start-Up Partnership
Form (CSP)