Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Cosset products.

Can i wash my feet after applying exfoliation socks?

Yes, after using the product for 60 minutes, take it off and rinse feet thoroughly. We advise that you avoid applying lotion to your feet until the peeling process is complete. If your feet become too dry,  use an oil-free moisturizer from time to time.

What should I do after using Cosset exfoliation socks?

We recommend soak your feet in warm water everyday till peeling process is complete, however, this isn’t mandatory, your feet will peel whether or not you soak it.

Is is normal, my feet are still peeling after 10 days?

Peeling is dependent on skin type, most peoples experience an extended peeling duration up to 30 days; however this is very unusual. Peeling process normally takes 7-10 days. We recommend you soak your feet in water for at least 10 minutes a day, this helps to speed up peeling process.

What are the sizes of Cosset Exfoliation Socks?

There is one size available.

Euro size 48.

What if I do not want all the skin on my feet to peel off?


Every part of the human body has dead skin cells and this includes every part of the feet (top & heels) so shedding of dead skin is important. Cosset exfoliation socks will only cause dead skin cells to peel off. Peeling off is usually intense on the heels than it is on the top skin of the feet. However, before using Cosset exfoliation socks, you can apply Vaseline to areas of the feet you don’t want to peel off.

Does Cosset Exfoliation Sock work for cracked heels?

Absolutely! Cosset exfoliation socks works on cracked heels. However, we do not recommend usage if you have deep cracked heels because of the presence of alcohol in this product.

How often should i exfoliate my feet?

We recommend you exfoliate your feet every 2 – 3 months or at the sight of dryness. Cosset Exfoliation Socks should not be abused.

How many times can i use a pair of Cosset Exfoliation Socks?

A pair of Cosset Exfoliation Socks is designed to be used one time for one hour and then you dispose. It is a very effective product so you only need one application for exfoliation process to begin.

Is Cosset Exfoliation Socks Safe?

Yes! Cosset Exfoliation Socks is a safe product made mainly from fruit acids like citric acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid etc. These ingredients are known for their health properties to treat acne, firm & smooth the skin, moisturize and exfoliate, improve aging feet, etc. However, Cosseet Exfoliation Socks is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women & diabetics.

How Cosset Exfoliation Socks works?

A box of Cosset Exfoliation Socks contains 2 socks (1 pair) which is enough to engage the feet exfoliation process; you wash, dry and insert your feet in the exfoliation sock; wear for an hour, during this time your feet will absorb the liquid in the socks. you remove and wash your feet. Between 3-8 days, depending on your skin type, the dead skin starts falling off is large chunks for up to a week or more till all dead skin cells on the feet have fallen off.

Can a pregnant or nursing woman use Cosset Exfoliation Socks?

Cosset Exfoliation Socks is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women because “during pregnancy and nursing the skin becomes more sensitive as a result of the disruption of normal hormone balance”. The absorption of Cosset Exfoliation Socks is very low through the feet during pregnancy or nursing.

What is Cosset Exfoliation Socks?

It is a plastic socks containing a unique formula based on natural and foot-centric nutrients that causes the dead skin cells on your feet to fall off on its own. It is an easy, effective and efficient solution to getting rid of the thick horny layers on the feet, completely painless; turning the foot skin delicate, tender and clean;


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