Cosset Brand

Meaning of cosset, “to love and protect in an over indulgent way”.

Cosset, popularly known as Cosset Brand is Nigeria’s largest biotechnological brand with a broad product catalog in health & beauty. Mothered by Agiking Industries Limited; a Nigeria Incorporated company, Cosset displays her propensity to succeed in every emerging market due to high professional standards and product quality.Cosset is engineered by advanced professionals keen on upholding the motto “we care… we love… we protect…” in the highest of ethics and standards which is displayed by the quality of our products and services. Our products are extensively researched and maintain only standard production materials ensuring total product safety, quality and reception.  

Our Logo: Our Logo is a beautifully curved letter ‘c’ and a heart in the middle; the letter ‘c’ signifies beauty and care while the heart signifies love and protection.

Our Products: The Cosset brand is dedicated to providing varieties of products that would improve upon the protection and overall quality of life; absent of all harmful toxins.

To expand beyond the frontiers of Africa in 5 years, bringing cosset to the world.

To keep up with cutting edge, innovative and biotechnological advancements that improves upon living.

Becoming Africa’s No. 1 brand on Health, Beauty and Lifestyle, Community Development and Humanities.

As a Brand

Our commitment hinges on professionalism in our products and services rendering.

As a Family

We display the entirety of “Cosset Motto” “We Care… We Love… We Protect…” as it is our primary responsibility to you as well as the environment.

As a Community

We foster lasting relationships and inspire our community to become better through socio-cultural and humanitarian events.

As an Institution

Our commitment is working in tandem with people of different ethnic nationalities to stimulate personal growth and economic development.

Our Company

agiking industries limited

We are Agiking Industries Limited, a pioneer in the fields of human capital development, products manufacturing and distribution, Human resource management & development and real estate.

Here we provide necessary solutions that will create a sustainable future for Nigerians and the world; our strategies are built on innovative solutions geared towards improving values for our customers and society through health, nutrition, education, culture and economic development.  Learn more

Cosset Brand Ambassador Award 2018

In Nigeria