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Cosset Exfoliation socks


Cosset Exfoliation Socks is the most effective and efficient choice for your routine pedicure.  Use for just 1 hour and within 7-10 days the dead skin cells on your feet will peel off naturally, revealing a beautiful, smooth and soft feet that you can proudly show off with confidence. 

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Are your feet feeling strong and rough, filled with calluses? Are your feet beginning to crack? Do you have foot odour? Do you notice dirt under your nails and in between your toes? Does your feet have different skin color? Are your feet looking old and wrinkled? or do you want to maintain a smooth silky soft feet?

Cosset Exfoliation Socks is the answer to your feet troubles. Use a pair and peel off dead skin cells to get your feet looking and feeling good again.

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“Cosset is a mother whose love remains right and will always be there, day & night; through the good times and bad, bestowing the feeling of love and sense of protection”.

Discover Cosset, the home of skincare and beauty devices designed to rejuvenate, heal and protect your skin from decline. Our products are formulated with 100% botanical and mineral ingredients which is a reflection of our brand belief that “beauty is never lost”. Cosset is more than just a brand name and products; we are a family, a community and an institution.  Learn more!

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Cosset is indeed a great experience for me on my hubby's foot.... The delivery was also faster than I imagined... 🤝
this is the best product ever, I now have baby foot, when I ordered for it I thought it will not be delivered, but the...
Cosset Brand product is d best I just wanna say thank You for given me d best ever product. Tested and Approved

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