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Exfoliation socks Trends

Exfoliation socks is the new trend in the Health & Beauty industry. It is manufactured by the Chinese, used in Asia, Europe, the United States of America and now, Nigeria. It is popularly known as foot mask.

Cosset Exfoliation Socks is approved by the FDA and is registered under the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). It is the perfect alternative for foot scrub as it is beneficial to the overall health of the feet.

Cosset Exfoliation Socks is a revolutionary product that gives your feet a new baby-soft look and feel; it is an easy, effective and efficient solution to getting rid of the thick horny layers on the feet; turning the foot skin delicate, tender and clean; it is a completely painless experience that  clears the bacteria on the feet and between toes at the same time; It leads to better balance, increase blood circulation, eliminates foot odor, maintains skin elasticity and improves athlete’s foot. There are no side effects or skin irritation associated with the use of this product. Cosset Exfoliation Socks adopts a soft non-woven fabric in stocking waterproof design, cozy, convenient and non-sticky.

Cosset exfoliation socks

Unlike other exfoliation products, Cosset Exfoliation Socks is made from a unique formula that engages the natural foot peeling process, causing dead skin to fall off in big chunks. Thanks to cosset, your feet will look better again.

  • Rejuvenates Skin Cells
  • Moisturises Crack & Dry Heels
  • Smoothen & Soften Feet
  • Even Skin Colour
  • Eliminates Foot Odour
  • Eliminates Foot Bacteria

Customer Satisfaction Rating

Riri Njoku

I can say I'm in love with cosset after just one usage, my feet is transformed, I feel proud and satisfied.

Chikamso Ezeiruaku

Lovely experience for my girls & i, we had fun, made good memories and got to benefit from such an amazing product. My feet looks lovely and i look forward to us doing it over again.

Austin Spencer

My feet were cracked and all the scrubbing couldn't shake off the cracks but thanks to cosset my feet are now popping and i can now wear sandals once again with confidence.